Alpina B10V8 I BMW Specifications and Review

Alpina B10V8 I BMW Specifications and Review
Alpina B10V8 I BMW Specifications and Review

                 Alpina B10V8 I BMW Specifications and Review


BMW has, with its М-Series cars, always delivered high-performance models. But for customers who prefer vehicles with major quantities of power delivered in a less heavy-handed manner than an “M,” specialist company Alpina of Bavaria had just the thing in 1997. The Alpina B10 V8 is a classic example of its work.


Starting with the E39 variant of BMW’s M5 series, Alpina created a new engine block and crankshafts and created a 282-cubic-inch (4,619-cc) V8 with a whopping 340 bhp (253 kW). Unlike the manual BMW M5, which was based on the same E39 model, the transmission in the Alpina B10 V8 was an automatic system from ZF. The choice reflected the less frenetic driving characteristics of Alpina products.


The production process was seamlessly integrated into BMW’s own production line. Alpina negotiated an agreement with BMW stipulating that any example of the Alpina B10 V8 would be covered by the same warranty that BMW dealerships offered.


In addition to the big, torquey engine, Alpina installed a luxury wood and leather trim in its corporate color.The B10 thus had blue instrument dials and seats embossed with the Alpina logo, and was only available in Alpina’s patented blue paint scheme.

The Alpina was a subtle tool for demolishing long journeys on derestricted autobahns. If owners could afford the $100,000 (£63,500) list price, they could also afford theV8’s 20-mpg (14 liters per 100 km) thirst.

Evo magazine wrote, “It’s wickedly quick when you’re in the mood for entertainment or feel like blowing off steam, relaxing and refined when all you want to do is mosey home.

1997 • 282 cu in/4,619 cc, V8 • 340bhp/253kW •

0-60 mph/97 kph in 5.9 seconds • 175 mph/282 kph

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